NM Energy Manufacturing Consortium - NEMCon

NM Energy Manufacturing Consortium is an agent for progress for New Mexico’s economy. The consortium champions growth and vitality of New Mexico’s economy by assisting in the development of new energy-related businesses and nurturing the existing ones with feedstock from among the state’s resources – intellectual capital, technology, supply chain, and others.

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Q- What is New Mexico's Future?

A- New Tech & Innovation


The Charter of the Consortium is to help create an infrastructure for building a New Mexico industry to manufacture, through state-of-the-art materials, processes and technologies, the products for next generation energy applications

The Consortium will implement activities that leverage manufacturing in the energy sector to promote diversification, revitalization, and stabilization of the economy in New Mexico.


New Mexico will have a diverse and stable Advanced Energy Manufacturing economy that provides high-paying jobs and fosters a quality of life that can weather fluctuations in economic conditions.


The Consortium will work to create synergistic cooperation across the energy sector to create opportunities to make New Mexico the nation’s manufacturing leader in advanced energy technology.  It will do this by developing a critical mass of resources that create an environment:

To commercialize research and development R&D through technology transfer to NM manufacturers.

To increase lower cost, sustainable energy capacity that enables the growth of manufacturing in throughout the state.  

To enable NM to grow a sustainable, energy export economy

To develop energy/energy-related manufacturing businesses in the rural and semi-rural areas of NM

To enable a trained workforce to support energy manufacturing in New Mexico

To sustain a resilient energy manufacturing community through partnership with NM Energy Manufacturing Institute