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Watch our 1st 2021 program! Our STEAM Art Contest.

53 students submitted artwork that featured solar and wind panels, mythical creatures, portraits, and environmentally conscious lifestyles. Students included descriptions of their work and why their vision was important. One student mentioned the Kayenta Solar Project and the positive effect it had on the Navajo Nation. Another mentioned how their art was meant to draw attention to the amazing invention of solar flowers. Many expressed their fear of a future without change and the harmful effects of greenhouse gases on the environment. 

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) exists in every aspect of our lives and in the world around us.  Innovation and technology continue to provide solutions to sometimes intractable problems – crumbling infrastructure of roads and bridges, urgency in climate change and numerous environmental “oops”, inexpressible sentiments in need of artistic illustration, opportunities sought in space and oceanic exploration, crises due to pandemics and other health predicaments, social communication and interactions, and etc.  This list goes on and on. 

Therefore, the greater the exposure of students to STEAM studies and opportunities to explore STEAM-related concepts, the better they will be to think critically, solve problems and become the next generation of innovators with thriving, sustainable businesses.  Their ability to Innovate will lead to new visions, products and processes that grow and sustain New Mexico’s economy. However, the current reality is that mathematics and science scores on average among U.S. students are lagging behind other developing countries, and New Mexico must find a path to overcome this deficiency.  Effective STEAM programs are one way to do that.

NM Energy Manufacturing Consortium (NEMCon) is implementing a robust and sustainable infrastructure to create a stable energy manufacturing economy for the benefit of all NM residents. Toward this end it is important and a priority that our efforts address wealth disparity in New Mexico. NEMCon’s Economic Equity program is developed to establish that priority. It fully meets NEMCon’s objective to build a stable energy manufacturing economy, which will enable NM residents to pursue new, next-generation economic opportunities.

Although this program will be open to all residents in the state, NEMCon is aggressively recruiting underserved groups such as women, immigrants, indigenous peoples, veterans, etc.

This program is designed to reach out with the purpose to succeed in working with other key NM organizations to champion economic opportunity for underserved residents. It will provide a supportive environment to prepare participants to become entrepreneurs or highly skilled employees for sustainable manufacturing businesses. 

Manufacturing is known to be the most stable industry sector, providing above-living wage jobs, and implementation of a successful outreach and inclusive workforce development program will provide that opportunity for all NM residents. The success of this program will ensure increasing stability among some of the state’s most fragile families, thus providing a nurturing environment for children to grow and thrive.