NM Energy Manufacturing Institute – NEMI

NM Energy Manufacturing Institute is a membership organization, and it serves its members by providing necessary services and leading the most effective initiatives to support the economic strength and resilience of New Mexico’s energy and energy-related manufacturing community.  Plans are underway to house the Institute at UNM’s  Center of High Technology Materials.

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The INSTITUTE promotes and supports manufacturing in New Mexico by creating a collaborative community of participating manufacturers. It will:

Oversee approved activities that provide prescribed benefits per board policy and that serve in the best interest of the members of the Institute.

Develop the policies and procedures that cultivate leading-edge and innovative initiatives to preserve the stability and sustainability of the energy manufacturing business community


The Institute will provide services to strengthen, improve and stabilize the economic environment and successful business outcome for energy manufacturing businesses in the New Mexico energy sector.


New Mexico will have a stable, energy manufacturing economy that provides numerous, permanent and high-paying jobs to ensure stability in the NM energy manufacturing industry.