Why Manufacturing & Energy Are Important to New Mexico

In New Mexico, energy is not just a natural resource to be protected or conserved but it is the lodestar for catalyzing an economic transformation. Manufacturing and its related activities are the core of an industry sector that can flourish in New Mexico with the development of advanced energy technology across the entire energy portfolio.  Additionally, manufacturing hubs strategically positioned across the state would enable a network of economic strength for urban and rural areas. These hubs would be a locus of activity to reinforce the manufacture of advanced energy technology, and as a champion of this concept, I would like to accomplish a sustainable, robust architecture to do the following:

  • Establish a system for engagement that will be responsible for garnering trust and requiring accountability among all collaborators.
  • Provide a framework that effectively integrates the goals of industry, business, labor, and the educational system for strong and sustainable economic growth. through the operational pillars of strong education, vigorous commerce and supportive government.
  • Advocate for development in disadvantaged areas in the state.

Collectively our board members have hundreds of years of experience in a variety of energy and energy-related fields.  Additionally, the work that the consortium and institute will strive to accomplish will be informed and influenced by research and experience from the national laboratories, local and national universities, state and federal government. numerous private solar companies and associations, other industrial entities,  members of the PRC, Public Service Companies, Electrical Coops, New Mexico Oil and Gas Association, and others.

Manufacturing Benefits…

New Mexico can increase its manufacturing space as it builds upon the strength of current manufacturing enterprises in the state.  There are numerous roles in the energy sector to be filled such as makers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and others which can collectively bolster the economy in the state and region. The manufacturing industry and the businesses that support them have good-paying jobs, which contributes to the stability and strength of the general economy.  Based upon the growing need for energy and energy-related goods, export opportunities for New Mexico energy products will also increase. 

Manufacturing has been the cornerstone of creating wealth and power for decades.  Erik Reinert describes the significance of first-rate manufacturing in the creation of wealth and economic prominence in his book, How Rich Countries Got Rich…and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor.  He explains how goods produced and the related commerce create an unsurpassed economic advantage.

According to Nasdaq.com, numerous Forbes articles, the Alliance for American Manufacturing, and others, manufacturing is currently in a renaissance with reshoring and innovation.  As the industry thrives from innovation enabled by advanced technology (R&D, patents, Industry 4.0, etc.), it is expanding to smaller communities, creating new businesses and increasing jobs.  As a result, most agree that innovation and entrepreneurship will be transformative ingredients for sustainable economic growth.  So, expanding existing businesses, creating new businesses, and importing business into the state through advanced energy technology can increase New Mexico’s share in the national manufacturing landscape and create resilience in the state’s economy. 

The benefits realized in New Mexico can be immeasurable, as energy businesses work toward developing a collaborative and cohesive manufacturing community, facilitated by the NM Energy Manufacturing Institute (NEMI).

Energy Benefits…

Currently, New Mexico’s energy feedstocks, whether they are harnessed, grown, collected or extracted, are among the most abundant in the nation.  The increasing, world-wide desire for economically viable and sustainable energy options creates a clear line of site for energy producers and consumers.  In striking parallel, rapidly changing demographics, increasing urbanization, and the quest for carbon-neutral energy has created challenges of magnanimous proportions. However, New Mexico can be firmly positioned to help meet the state’s, the nation’s, and the world’s energy challenges.   

There are emerging and shifting dynamics across many systems that provide electricity, requiring advanced technological solutions. Please consider the following quote from one of the world’s largest power and energy providers, ENEL.

“Maintaining a competitive position in the market requires that, energy companies develop innovative business models which can generate new sources of income that adapt to the changing social, political, economic, and technical challenges posed by these situations. Considering these rapidly changing scenarios, [We] … strive to create the future of the energy world: a world in which old power plants take on new life, where connections travel faster, smart homes and smart cities become reality, meters facilitate dialogue between homes and people, and electric transport increases its market penetration.”

With the capabilities of our national labs, research universities, community colleges and private industries, New Mexico can strive to be a part of the many solutions that will be required to meet the many challenges that arise from changing scenarios. The NM Energy Manufacturing Consortium (NEMCon) is poised to facilitate the development of solutions through structured and sophisticated programs.