NM Energy Manufacturing Consortium - NEMCon

Two affiliate organizations were formed in March 2019 to grow and strengthen New Mexico’s economy by creating and implementing an operational design to diversify New Mexico’s economic portfolio, create jobs and relieve the state’s nearly exclusive dependence on the federal government and oil/gas extraction. The organizations, NM Energy Manufacturing Consortium and the NM Energy Manufacturing Institute, work together to facilitate the creation of a manufacturing industry in New Mexico’s energy sector.

The consortium is a research alliance; manufacturing deployment and workforce development entity. The Consortium’s objective is to coordinate and establish an infrastructure to build an industry that manufactures, through state-of-the-art materials, processes and technologies, the products for next generation energy applications. The Research Alliance is comprised of three core members  – University of New Mexico (the lead member), New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech) and New Mexico State University – and is enhanced by support from the state’s community colleges, private-company R&D and the three national laboratories in the state – Los Alamos National Lab, Sandia National Labs and the Air Force Research Lab. As technology is identified within the research organizations, it is assessed for marketability, financial viability and manufacturability by the manufacturing deployment division.  Deficiencies in either area are addressed, and an existing company or a start-up can obtain transfer/license of the technology from the owner of the intellectual property (IP).

The Institute is a community of energy and energy-related manufacturers that work together to strategically create and maintain a strong state-wide supply chain to strengthen their business outcomes.  This community is the basis for helping create new businesses, recruit businesses to New Mexico, and support existing businesses.  The Institute receives advanced technology, workforce and business development support from the Consortium. The members support each other in establishing a sustainable industry.  Business drives workforce development, therefore, the Institute will inform the standards for creating a well-trained workforce. The Institute helps inform the state’s business regulations and governance that impact manufacturers. Additionally, the Institute serves as a building block for developing manufacturing hubs in New Mexico’s rural areas to improve the economy through job creation and developing a trained workforce there as well.  

The Consortium supports the Institute by providing innovative Intellectual Property and Technology and technical or business development assistance. The Institute supports the Consortium by being recipients for licensing technology from members of the Research Alliance or collaborating in the development of new technology.  Both organizations include a strong workforce development component of lifelong learning.