NM Energy Manufacturing Institute – NEMI

NM Energy Manufacturing Institute is a membership organization, and it serves its members by providing necessary services and leading the most effective initiatives to support the economic strength and resilience of New Mexico’s energy and energy-related manufacturing community.  Plans are underway to house the Institute at UNM’s  Center of High Technology Materials.

The Institute is a collaborative community that can serve as a model for  strengthening the entire manufacturing industry in New Mexico. It will partner with *MEP, NM EDD and others as it coalesces its community members to develop a critical mass of manufacturing capability in the state to ensure adequate efficiency in preparation for and participation in Industry 4.0. The Institute will apply innovative approaches to safeguard the sustainability of robust manufacturing in NM by keeping pace with and promoting important enabling technologies such as: Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, emerging Cyber-Physical Systems, and so forth. The Institute, will provide the best available resources to meet the needs of its membership by:

  • advocating for solutions to government policy, regulations and logistical challenges,
  • providing support to solve technical challenges in manufacturing or research & development,
  • providing the best resources that specialize in business information and strategies,
  • offering venues that make it possible to share knowledge and establish a meaningful network,
  • assisting with the development of a viable and stable supplier base,
  • providing business services that assist with business development and
  • developing innovative and achievable constructs for achieving a sustainable manufacturing workforce
  • actively engaging in the development of manufacturing in non-urban areas,

Improvement in New Mexico’s economic growth, stability and diversity will reflect the success of the Institute, and the Institute will be the strongest champion for a sustainable and thriving manufacturing, industrial ecosystem in New Mexico. 


The synergetic relationship between the Consortium and the Institute is managed in their respective by-laws and a Memorandum or Understanding.