2020 Submissions are Closed

Thank you for your submissions student artists!

$300 for 1st place in High School & College Divisions

$150 for 2nd place in High School & College Division

$50 for Cuba High School Best of Show


Art Contest

Panel of Judges

Carey Beam
The Founder and Owner of Eelahas Resource Group, LLC

“Our state is so diverse in landscape, economy, culture, and ideology, so I would be really excited to see students submit entries that meld traditional art forms and ideas with new media and a vision for the future that represents the very best of New Mexico. I truly believe our young people have the unique ability to work with old tools, learn how to use new ones, and make the necessary connections to our past so that they may create inspiring art pieces showing how New Mexico fits in our future world.”

Carey Beam followed an unconventional path to realize her true potential for leading teams and building communities, both inside and out of the workplace. Her passion for sharing stories and articulating complex ideas give her a well-rounded skill set to operate at all levels from the production floor to the boardroom. A passionate certified educator, Carey is accredited in public relations and has an extensive background in continual improvement and quality assurance.

John-Mark Collins
The Founder and CEO of Electric Playhouse

“As both a technologist and artist, I would like to see interesting and thoughtful takes on how those two things intertwine to build a better future.  From art influencing technology advancements to technology being the art itself.  How can New Mexico grow through all of the great technological and artistic resources that it has?  New Mexico is a uniquely situated place for this type of discussion, so it would be great to see that exciting connection between art, technology and science represented in some powerful way.”

John-Mark is a creative problem solver whose passion lies in using technology to augment the real world in beautiful and engaging ways.  John-Mark received his BS in Computer Engineering and MBA from the University of New Mexico. In addition to technology, John-Mark has studied in both Art and Architecture and has participated in several public electronic arts exhibitions.  He has worked with a variety of clients, including Coca-Cola, Starbucks, HP, Intel, New Balance, several Smithsonian Institutions as well as Sandia National Laboratories, The Georgia ‘Keefe Museum, the ABQ Biopark, and the University of New Mexico.

Andrew Connors
Director of The Albuquerque Museum

“I would like to see in the submissions for the art competition, well crafted expressions reflecting personal commitment to the communicative power of good art.  I also would love to see these images reflect a New Mexican presence in some way which roots the art and future of energy here, and doesn’t pass off the responsibility for innovation to some place far off.”

Andrew Connors is Director of the Albuquerque Museum where he previously served as Curator of Art from 2009 through 2018.  Formerly he was Chair of the Visual Arts Department at Albuquerque Academy (2006-09), Senior Curator at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque (1999-2006), and Associate Curator at the Smithsonian American Art Museum (1984-1999) where he developed collections and exhibitions on Hispanic, Latino, Native American, and Folk Art.  He studied Art History and Architecture at Yale University and did his graduate work in Folklore and American Studies at George Washington University.  He has curated dozens of exhibitions primarily in the areas of United States Latino Art, Colonial Art from Puerto Rico, Contemporary art, and Graffiti.  

Margie Marino
The Executive Director of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

“There is no better time than now, while we are sequestered at home contemplating our next steps, to consider a better, more sustainable future. Your works in any medium should reflect a good understanding of new energy technologies and research that can be applied to future needs. We will also be looking for imagination and creativity, as well as quality execution of your ideas. If you have your own innovative thoughts about a future source of energy, please include that! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Margie Marino earned a BFA in Fine Art and a master’s degree in Museum Administration from the University of Oregon. Over the course of her 30+ year museum career, she has held leadership positions at the Association of Science-Technology Centers in Washington, D.C., the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and the North Museum in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her work has been recognized through the awarding of numerous fellowships and successful grant applications, as well as being named Distinguished Alumni from the University of Oregon. 

Carla Ward
The Co-Creator of The Tinkertown Museum

“What I am looking for in the submissions:
How do you see an environmentally sustainable world?
In what ways do you see you and your family and friends using resources in a non-sustainable way?
Deliver digitally an art project that creatively identifies a problem and perhaps addresses a solution.”

Carla Ward is the owner and co-creator with her late husband, Ross Ward, of the Tinkertown Museum which has been a fixture in the Sandia Mountains for 40 years. Over 50,000 bottles have been recycled in walls surrounding the museum housing Ross Ward’s dynamic wood carvings, paintings, and sculptures. Carla graduated from UNM with a degree in history and anthropology and became a studio potter for 30 years while running the museum.
In the time of Covid-19, with the museum closed, she took up archery and watercolor painting.

We asked New Mexico Students to show us their vision of the future with Clean Energy!

Soon we will be sharing some of their artwork with you!